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adalah Dirimu!

Ketika cinta saja tak cukup,

ketika berbagi menjadi begitu berat,

haruskah hati terbelah?


Ketika ketakutan mengalahkan akal sehat,

kehancuran tlah tiba di depan pintu.



Dan, kehancuran adalah dirimu!


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Thank you, WordPress….

This journey to silence
Has its worth with time
An eager wager wander
Drag corpses in shudder
When believe is not enough
Where fate is not clear enough
Why is not answered enough
How to feel enough is enough
Commoners is me
Drowned in the slump
Of what you said
Forgotten by ignorance
Six years has pass without an echo
But thank you, indeed for the deed
wp birth

Today I Feel…

Today I feel so excluded

So many kept from me
So many thing happened
So many out of me
So many broken promises

From those I believed to be my friend
From those I believed with my heart
From those I believed put me at best
From those I believed I was part of them

Scrath it all!