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A Wandering Thought…

A Wandering Thought…

Alone at dark
Living under glistering moon
A dog that bark
Growling an aspiring run

Alone at night
Lies her under the cotton cloth
Woken in tight
Quietly watch a ticking clock

And shadow would fall
A dream should call
A wandering lust
For the one of some hush
Whom you could never really trust

Is that hard to find
Is that hard to find an equal
One that might
One that might pulled me on my downfall

Yes, I’m smilling
But deep down it aching
I want to scream
But my voice drowned by the stream

Give up is not an option
It’s just the condition
I couldn’t fanthom
I was damned in my own boredom

A wallflower in everyword
Welcome to the cruel world
Where you’ll always be in doubt….